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Forever has received various certifications and accreditations from several National & International organizations. This only substantiates the fact that WE at Forever have always been consistently maintaining high standards of quality in all our products.

Today we have the International Aloe Science Council Seal of Approval (IASC) Seal of Approval in majority of our products as our goal has always been to be the best in the Aloe Vera industry and to provide the world with quality products of Aloe Vera.

60 days Satisfaction

All of Forever Living products have a 60-day guarantee of satisfaction and unconditional full refund for our customers. If you are not happy with product you can claim full refund.
Forever Living Products 60 Days Money Back

Certified by the Aloe Science Council

IASC (International Aloe Science Council) product certification ensures that FLP's finished aloe vera products contain a high standard of purity and quality of aloe vera. Products are tested using analytical methods to assure the quality and purity of aloe vera.

Forever Living Products Aloe Certified Certification

Halal Rating

Forever Living Products and Aloe Vera of America have been certified by the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA) to market our qualifying products as ‘Halal’.

Therefore, FLP products are certified as fit for consumption by Muslims. The ‘Halal’ certification will be an important addition to our list of other product certifications including the IASC Seal of Approval, PETA certification, and the Islamic Society and Kosher approvals. To learn more about IFANCA or Halal, please visit their website at

Forever Living Products Halal Rating Certification

Kosher Rating

Our products are certified by Kosher Rating and this symbol is another assurance that our products are the finest in the world.

Forever Living Products Kosher Rating Certification

No Animal Testing

Forever Living Products believes in cruelty free living and therefore manufactures products that are not tested on animals.

Forever Living Products No Animal Testing Certification